How To Enhance Your Security System To Stop Identity Theft

October 20, 2010 in Home Security System,Security improvements

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Identity theft is perhaps the single most devastating form of theft. Victims can be left in deep debt, without legal documents and with a ruined personal or professional reputation. With experts predicting that one in twenty US citizens will be the victim of this prevalent form of crime this year, it’s essential to be aware of the newest developments in home security systems that are specifically designed to protect you from identity theft.

A method used frequently by criminals to steal a person’s identity is computer hacking. Basically, this means that a computer-savvy criminal can break into your computer remotely, thereby gaining access to all your information. This includes passwords to protected sites, access to your banking information, legal information, and any other professional or personal data you store there. Nowadays, the average computer owners installs firewalls and other software defense programs to protect his computer as part of a home security system, but hackers are constantly developing more and more sophisticated programs to constantly find new ways into your hard drive. Early warning that your computer contains sensitive data that could be used by criminals can save you months of frustration trying to repair your credit, thousands of dollars which would otherwise be stolen, and even your reputation if your information is used to impersonate, discredit or impersonate you.

Identity Finder, a New York-based company, has developed a program of the same name that scans your computer for sensitive data before hackers can access it and use it in identity theft. This program searches your hard drive for information such as your social security number, driver’s license number, birth date, and address and pinpoints them for you. It also provides a file encryption feature and a digital file shredder, which you can use to overwrite your information before you delete it. Identity Finder is a user-friendly program that comes in a Home version as an addition to a private home security system, as well as Professional and Enterprise versions for business use.

Identity theft doesn’t only occur through cyberspace, however. Your mailbox often contains letters with highly sensitive information that can easily be swiped by any passer by. EarthTech Products has developed a new security mailbox that uses an electronic lock with a numeric touchpad to keep your mail safe. Your secret four-digit code activates and deactivates the lock, ensuring that you are the only person with access to your mail.

Whatever method you use to stop identity theft, it’s the awareness of the value of your identity that will protect you most of all.

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