ADT Launches A New, Affordable Interactive Smart Home Security System Solution

October 18, 2010 in Home Security System

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In a recent press release, ADT announced the launch of its latest home security system solution: ADT Pulse. This new interactive security device offers homeowners unparalleled control, accessibility and connection with their homes. With many homeowners on the road for most of the day, remote access to their home security systems is more important than ever. ADT Pulse is designed to make the concept of “smart homes” – homes that can be monitored and controlled remotely – more commonplace, and provides customers with instant access to their homes through personal computers and smart phones, no matter where they are in the world. Features include remote arming and disarming of their home security system, notification of alarms via email and text messages, real-time videos and stored videos of their home’s monitored areas, remote access to lights and appliances, as well as temperature control to save in utility bills. Though the concept of a “smart home” isn’t new, ADT’s new home security system solution is more affordable than the others, thanks to the company’s extensive, worldwide home security network.

Don Boerema, Chief Marketing Officer at ADT Security Systems, was quoted as saying, “ADT Pulse gives users a way to manage their home from wherever life takes them. This service is a natural evolution of traditional home security services that takes into consideration the needs of today’s always-connected consumer. For the first time, life safety services are being brought together with lifestyle management applications in a solution that the average household can afford.”

And apparently, homeowners are very satisfied with the new service. According to one customer, who was particularly pleased with the savings on his utilities bill, “ADT Pulse is cutting-edge but it’s simple to use. It allows me to take complete control of my home wherever I am. For instance, before I leave work, I can dial up the system on my iPhone to make sure the air conditioner is on to cool the house down. Because ADT Pulse lets me control the temperature of my house when I am not there, I’ve seen significant savings on my monthly energy bill.”

Another customer, who previously worried about her children’s safety, explained how the service gave her a confident feeling of safety and security. “ADT Pulse is home monitoring on steroids. I travel a lot for business and with ADT Pulse, I can control virtually anything I choose in my home, all from my iPhone. I can see video from cameras at my home on my iPhone or a computer and see my children playing at home. This gives me peace of mind that they are OK.”

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