DIY vs Professionally Installed Home Security Systems

August 4, 2010 in Installation,Home Security System

If you’re considering home security systems, the choice whether to install a burglar alarm yourself or have professionals install one of the many home security systems they offer, can be a daunting decision. Though many assume a DIY burglar alarm is more affordable, there are many aspects to consider when comparing home security systems. Fortunately, the majority of DIY home security systems are produced with easy installation in mind. This means you won’t need to go out and buy specialized tools to install your burglar alarm. In addition, most DIY home security systems come with readable instructions, and many now feature a website or helpdesk for customers’ questions. Of course, the difference between a wireless home security system and wired home security systems is huge when you are doing the installation yourself. The selection of DIY wireless home security systems on the market today is good, however every home as well as its contents require the homeowner to clearly understand what is being asked of any burglar alarm installed. In many instances, hard-wired burglar alarms are more quickly and easily installed by professionals accustomed to such installations. Both DIY home security systems as well as a professionally installed home security system can be part of a sales package designed for many homes at once. Homeowners who do their homework and know precisely what they need for their individual property’s security system can often customize, and therefore save on hardware neither they nor the professionals need to install. On top of that, homeowners who require additional or specialized home security equipment can negotiate professionally customized packages or simply purchase and install the necessary hardware themselves. When it comes to expertise, smart homeowners considering home security systems will always educate themselves about every available burglar alarm on the market. This amount of research, of course, can be time consuming, but consumer awareness of product and needs consistently leads to satisfaction and cost savings in the long run, whether it’s on DIY home security systems or a professionally installed security system. Though at first glance the comparison of costs between a DIY security system and home security systems that are professionally installed would seem easy to make, it is evident that the scope of the project goes far beyond installation and may eventually include the monitoring services of a professional security provider. Again, the informed homeowner will consider ahead of time who’ll be monitoring the security system, which must be adequate for the home and property to be protected. If the job entails both difficult installation and a monitoring company’s services, a professional installation may actually lead to substantial savings. Many home security providers even include a security system that they will install at no charge to the homeowner.

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