Bright Tips for Home Security Lighting

August 3, 2010 in Home Security System,Outdoor systems

Besides locks on doors and latches on windows, indoor and outdoor home security lighting is one of the most integral and effective components of a home security system. In contrast to other home security equipment, your home security lighting serves a dual purpose: not only does it deter burglars, it also functions as a welcome, a guide and as safety illumination. What follows are some useful tips when adding home security lighting to your home security system.

Use timers when you’re away from home. An important function of security lighting is to create the impression that your home is occupied, even when you’re out of town for a couple of days. The use of automatically timed indoor lights switching on in the evening gives most criminals the sign they need to cross your home off their list. Burglars hate being interrupted and would rather search for that house that has been dark for two nights in a row.

Add motion sensors to your home security lighting. Motion sensors, usually based on passive infrared technology, turn your home security lighting into an early warning system when they detect motion within their range. Naturally, sensors need to be adjusted both in height and sensitivity in order to avoid false alarms from pets and birds.

Use a home security lighting system with a built-in audio alert. A drawback of many security lighting systems is that oftentimes nobody sees the light come on, even if it is used in conjunction with a motion sensor. Make sure your home security lighting system utilizes built-in audio alerts so you never miss an alarm, regardless of where you are in the house in relation to the triggered light source.

Ensure a sound power source for your home security lighting. Security lighting, like all electronics in home security, is rendered useless without a sufficient and dependable power source. Solar powered home security lighting is one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of home security lighting, and doesn’t require constant battery renewal. However, regardless of the primary source of power, many of the best home security lighting systems will have a secondary source of power in the case of power outages or low batteries.

Home security lighting is the best aide to security cameras. Without adequate lighting, security cameras, unless they are infrared, do not produce useful video. Yet with good illumination security cameras become watchful eyes with a clear focus on the safety of your home.

Photo via Chuck “Caveman” Cooker

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