Choosing a Home Security System

June 10, 2010 in Home Security System

The home security system found on the market today is available in a hard-wired, wireless or hybrid system that combines both technologies. Deciding on which one you want to buy can be as simple as personal preference or comparatively difficult depending on how much research you decide to do. Let me help you a little and give you some food for thought so as to help you avoid a major dilemma when you are trying to decide between a hard-wired home security system and a wireless one.

The key difference between the two systems is that the hard-wired home security system requires basic wiring into an electrical power source and the wireless types operate with battery power. Additionally, the wireless system uses radio transmitters instead of wiring. Another key difference is that the hard-wired system can only monitor up to 8 zones in the home whereas wireless systems that monitor up to 24 zones are available.

Ironically, the debate over choosing a hard-wired versus a wireless home security system is fairly evenly balanced and there a perfect reasons for selecting either one. Hard-wired system advantages include:

  • there can be greater distances between the components and devices
  • lower costs involved unless there is professional construction or installation required
  • rarely susceptible to any kind of interference
  • some newer and even pre-owned homes now come with a home security system hard-wired into them already

Now consider the key advantages of the wireless home security system:

  • location changes are easier to make as well as increasing the size of the system
  • installation is typically easier and quicker
  • professional installation of a wireless system is usually more cost-effective
  • wireless systems are mobile and can be moved with you from home to home

In addition to the above, the hard-wired and wireless home security system both have similarities where added options are concerned. These include:

  • alarm sirens
  • automatic phone dialing capabilities
  • hidden cameras
  • professional monitoring services
  • strobe lights

The bottom line is that the decision should come down to 3 key considerations – the cost of the system, distance required, and ease of installation. In my opinion, with all things being equal, the wireless home security system is probably going to provide you with the best bang for the buck. However, the decision is obviously yours.

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