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June 10, 2010 in Wireless Security System

If your home security system is comprised of deadbolts, other locks, and some well-built barricades, you could still be compromising and overlooking too many aspects, leaving yourself wide open to additional risk. You cannot place a value on the well-being of your family as well as your home and possessions. In today’s world and the current economic state in the US, better home security has become a priority with many families, even those who live in good neighborhoods.

Although the traditional forms of security (i.e. barricades, deadbolts, locks, etc.) do some good, they are not as effective as a home security system, especially a wireless one. This is a relatively newer technology compared to the traditional hard-wired system and can effectively monitor up to 24 zones within the home. However, those traditional forms of home security mentioned above can still have a few vulnerabilities that a wireless home security system can correct.

Here are a few tips to consider for avoiding potential security problems with your wireless home security system:

Determine what areas of your home that you want to secure – certain areas within the home (or office) are considerably more vulnerable than others. This is generally due to design, function, and location. For example, windows are easily opened by the smart intruder whereas closed and locked shutters will make that endeavor more difficult.

Intrusions are difficult to detect when you do not have a wireless home security system in place. So it is important to determine the areas of highest vulnerability in order to ensure that these areas will be covered and to save you the additional expense that comes with having to purchase additional components.

A constant power source should be provided – the wireless home security system is battery-powered. Once the battery goes dead, the system ceases to function leaving you unprotected from any intruder and not being able to determine where the intrusion has occurred. Make sure that you always have fresh batteries available.

Another viable option is to purchase rechargeable batteries. In the long-run, they are more cost-effective and provide you with a reliable power source. You can also purchase a wireless home security system as these are now available on the market. These can be hooked up to any wall power outlet in the home. So make sure if you are considering the purchase of this type of system that you situate it close to a reliable electricity source.

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