Buying a Home? Assess Your Home Security System Needs First!

April 18, 2011 in Home Security System

Buying a new home is exciting. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to raise your family, or finally relocating to a small cottage in Maine for your retirement, the move can open up new horizons and change your life for the better. And when you’re looking at new homes, it’s important to realize that there are many aspects to consider that determine the actual financial commitment to your new home. The one aspect to never overlook is the cost of a home security system.

Homeowners Insurance Often Require Home Security Systems

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re aware of the fact that a home security system is a great protection for your home, your loved ones, and your possessions. But it’s also a requirement for many homeowners insurance policies. Oftentimes, the better and more comprehensive your home security system, the lower your homeowners insurance premiums and deductible. But before making such a large investment, it’s wise to find out what your insurance carrier’s requirements are for your security system. It’s also essential to take a good look at the property you’re interested in buying and make a realistic assessment of its security needs.

Home Security System Considerations

The best way to make a thorough evaluation of your home security needs and costs is to schedule an appointment with a security professional to do a walk-through of the property so he or she can provide you with a quote. However, it’s highly unusual to do this before you’ve signed the sales contract. What you can do is request a checklist from the home security company you have in mind and do a walk through yourself. Questions to consider are whether you need extensive perimeter security, how large the property is, and how many vulnerable areas there are, such large windows and glass doors. It’s clear that a mansion on a lake will need much more security measures than a condo in a secure apartment complex. Consider what types of locks you want on the doors, and whether they’re approved by your insurance carrier. Also consider whether you need as system that provides temperature and flood alerts, and even additional exterior flood protection. Additionally, you can take a look at integrating your home security with your household’s energy management, and choosing remote access to the entire system. Once you have a comprehensive list of all your requirements, you can make budget your home security costs and calculate how they offset your homeowners insurance premiums. No matter what your home security needs, investing in a good home security system is always a smart choice for your new home.

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