A New Security System for Your Home Computer

April 11, 2011 in Home Security System

Click. You turn your computer on…. and nothing happens. You try again, and this time your computer makes a humming noise and the screen flickers, but it still won’t start up. Maybe it’s due to a virus, maybe there’s been too much wear and tear on the system – but you can’t access your personal files anymore. Even worse, your computer can be damaged in a fire or stolen in a burglary. No matter how good your anti-virus and firewall software is, or how good your home security system, viruses are ever evolving, and accidents and burglaries happen, causing you to lose all your files. So how can you protect yourself from scenarios like this?

Protecting Your Personal Files with Carbonite.

It’s a fact of 21st century life, you need a computer to email, browse the Internet, store professional or educational materials, as well create and keep personal files like writing, photos, videos, and music. Though none of this data is tangible, most of us consider it to be extremely valuable. And in order to keep it safe, you need to integrate your computer with the rest of your home security system. Besides regularly updating your anti-virus and firewall software, you probably use an external hard drive as a back-up system. But the risks involved with an external hard drive are that it can be stolen or damaged, or you may simply forget to perform a regular back up. This is where remote back up systems come into play. A few years ago, Apple started offering a remote back up system for Macintosh users only, called Time Machine. Due to its enormous success, other companies have been looking for more and more affordable solutions that can be used by both PCs and Macs. Most recently, Carbonite started offering just this. Carbonite remote back-up systems can be used for PCs and Macs alike, and can ever help you transfer your files from one to the other. At an affordable $54.95 a year, you get timed back ups, unlimited storage, excellent customer service, and even access to your files from an iPhone app. The only drawback to the system is that it doesn’t back up program files. For about double the price, Carbonite also offers a small business solution that’s capable of backing up files across your organization’s network. So when you realize your home computer needs even more protection than your regular home security system provides, consider Carbonite as a remote back up, so none of your files go missing – regardless of the cause.

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