Home Security Systems in Remote Areas

April 25, 2011 in Home Security System

For some, life in inner city New York is a dream come true. Yet others like the hustle and bustle of the city now and then, but prefer to live in the more tranquil suburbs. And yet others actively seek a much quieter lifestyle, one where they don’t have to rub elbows with anybody unless they choose to. But that decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Living in remote areas, far from the maddening crowd, can be a dream come true – but before you turn your dream into reality, you need to put some real thought into your home security system.

Home Security System Challenges

If you live outside of any city, town, or village, and your closest neighbors are five miles away, you’ll need to be extremely self-sufficient when it comes to your home security system. You’re further away from emergency services like ambulances, fire departments, and police stations, so in the event of an emergency, you’ll have to factor in a longer response time than if you live in a town or city. The same usually goes for a direct response from a home security company monitoring team. In addition, even if you have less street exposure than in an urban area, the downside is that there’s a smaller chance of your neighbors noticing if anything’s amiss.

Self-Sufficient Home Security System

When you know what the challenges to your home security system are, you can take precautions to make it self-sufficient. First of all, contact your local emergency services to make them aware you’ve moved to the area, and to find out how long their average response time is in the event that you call 911. If you sign a contract with a home security system company, do the same. Always make sure you have an extensive first-aid kit readily available in case you need to wait longer than usual for help to arrive. You should also invest in working smoke and fire alarms, as well as fire extinguishers at strategic points on your property. Secure all perimeters with a high fence and an electric gate, and install a good home security system that covers both the exterior of your property and the vulnerable points inside. Consider keeping at least one guard dog on the property to scare intruders off. And last, but not least, make sure you have a generator as a back up source of energy in the event of power failures and interruptions.

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