Wireless – the Pros and Cons

June 10, 2010 in Wireless Security System

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your family, home, and the possessions within. Every day, the home security system is becoming more and more of a priority with Americans throughout the US. There are numerous systems available on the market today, but wireless technology is beginning to overtake hard-wired systems in popularity. The question is, “how well do these wireless systems operate and how are they better than a hard-wired system?”

Let’s look at the key advantages first:

The key advantage of a wireless system is that the components cannot be cut out of this type of home security system – obviously, with a hard-wired system, wires can be cut and will render the system non-functional and useless. Naturally, this defeats the whole purpose of having a system to protect your family and home.

Another advantage of a wireless home security system is that it can have contact capabilities – in other words, you can have them linked to the monitoring company that watches over your home and can contact all the different public safety entities should that become necessary (i.e. fire, medical, and police). You can typically contact the security monitoring company through the internet or there can be an internal dialer that calls the monitoring company using a signal that is similar to that of a cell phone.

Placing components in proximity to one another is another advantage – this basically means that you are able to place them in hidden or harder to reach places making it more difficult for the intruder to render your home security system non-functional.

Now for the disadvantages of a wireless home security system:

The biggest disadvantage is battery life – since the system is not hard-wired, batteries are its power source, unless you can find a system that can be plugged into any wall outlet in your home.

Signal strength is another issue – typically, the cheaper versions of the wireless home security system don’t have enough power making it more difficult for the signal to penetrate through multiple walls and other structures. Consequently, you will only have garbled signals or you may not receive one at all.

A wireless home security system can be jammed – despite the fact that most burglars are not intelligent enough to carry a jamming device, inclement weather can interfere with the system and its components. If you encounter electrical, rain, or snow storms, this will render your system temporarily inoperable.

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