Why You Need a Home Security Phone List

November 1, 2010 in Home Security System

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As many homeowners know, when it comes to home security, your home security system is your first line of defense. Your home security system is designed to both alert you and your monitoring company when a burglar tries to break into your property, and to keep them from forcing entry into your home. There’s also a significant common sense aspect to your protection. It’s your responsibility to activate your security system at night or when you leave the house, and to make sure no doors or windows are left open. However, unless you dig a moat around your house and fill it with hungry alligators, there are always instances in which a burglar can get into your home. Of course, there are also instances when a broken tree limb or a stubborn house pet can trip an alarm. In both these scenarios, you’ll need a direct line of communication with your monitoring company. And if your home security system is set up to send alerts to your mobile, when you’re away from home and receive an alert, you can call a neighbor to check on the situation before a false alarm leaves you with a bill from your monitoring company. In the event of a real break-in or life-threatening situation, having a list of emergency numbers programmed into your phone, can save you and your family’s lives. The most important numbers you’ll need are 911, and your monitoring company’s number. In addition, always remember to include a neighbor’s number, as well as that of a trusted relative or friend. In a recent real life case, a homeowner purchased a new phone and decided to create a security phone list. Within a week, while at work, he received an alert on his phone from his home security system, and by quickly calling a neighbor, was able to verify that a windstorm had blown open an unlocked back door. He was able to call a monitoring company and explain the situation, thereby preventing an armed dispatch and saving him hundreds of dollars in service fees. Without a security phone list, most homeowners in a similar situation would be faced with a steep false alarm fee. In addition, if it had been a real break in, his neighbor would have called the police immediately. It’s clear, though sensitive motion detectors, high-tech cameras, and recessed door and window contacts can help keep your house safe, only a fully charged phone equipped with all necessary numbers can efficiently coordinate the proper response for every situation.

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