UK Senior Citizens Get Free Home Security Systems

February 4, 2011 in Installation,Home Security System

It’s no news that senior citizens across the globe are more likely to become victims of burglary or robbery than the younger population. In most cases, seniors are less equipped to protect themselves against violence and often keep valuable items or money in the house. Sadly, most don’t have enough money to install a good home security system, which makes them very easy targets for burglars.

In Stockport, a town in the United Kingdom, the town council has been actively addressing crime against senior citizens for a number of years, and has seen a steady decrease in crime over the past six. This year, prompted by the knowledge that many citizens have more valuable items in their homes after the holidays, the town council publicized its donation of home security systems to certain citizens. To be approved, citizens have to be either over sixty and living in a privately owned or rented property within a low tax group, or under 60 in a privately owned or rented property within a low tax group and with proof of insufficient income. The packages include locks for doors and windows, door chains, peepholes or door viewers, window grills, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, lamp timers and a night light. In addition, citizens who receive the package also get free information on how to deal with scams and thieves, as well as fire-prevention advice. This year, the council has already sent out the home security system package to an estimated 300 homes, and there are many households that qualify but have not yet applied. The council is actively encouraging everybody who qualifies to apply and help lower the crime rate in the area even further.

So far, residents of Stockport are grateful. According to Joanna Williams, who recently installed her free home security items, “ I think it’s an excellent scheme. It’s easy to arrange, and I feel much more secure now.” With statistics proving that active involvement from the community can help reduce crime rates, it might be a good idea for municipalities in the United States to follow Stockport’s example. After all, the investment of handing out free home security systems to reduce crime and save lives is much less than that for sending out more and more law enforcement to combat and solve crime. And encouraging people to think about their safety, as well as how to react responsibly in the event of a threat or an emergency, might be the best protection any community can have.

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