Should You Buy a Wireless Home Security System?

July 16, 2010 in Home Security System,Wireless Security System

Wireless security systems are becoming a major player in the home security market. There are many reasons to invest in a wireless home security system, but owners of these systems should know of some of the quirks and differences that come with a wireless home security system.

One major benefit of using a wireless home security system is a tidy installation. All components, including sensors and cameras, communicate through radio transmission. Most installations involve a few minutes of testing and some button pressing. A wireless home security system does not require any structural changes when installed. This is a major advantage to folks living in multi-storey houses. A wireless home security system is much easier for self-installation, which can save a lot of money from needing no installation costs.

Depending on the strength of the wireless transmitters, you may be able to use a wireless home security system for devices both in and outside the home.  Also, a wireless home security system is usually battery powered, so they will work during a power outage. Wireless systems are also convenient for people who frequently move. The system can be easily disassembled and reassembled, whereas wired systems are almost impossible to transport from place to place. Due to these many strengths, home security system carriers across the world have started offering wireless security systems. Most wireless security systems can provide service comparable to wired systems, if not better. Odds are, we are not far from seeing the day where wireless security systems can outperform their wired counterparts.

However, this is not to say these systems are without drawbacks. Even the best wireless home security system is vulnerable to interference from other electronic devices. This might cause false alarms, or it may not sound the alarm when triggered. Wireless systems should be tested any time a sensor or transmitter is located near other electronics. Another concern is the battery life of the individual components. It is essential to check the charge of the batteries periodically so the batteries don’t die unexpectedly. Some parts use more energy than others, so routine checkups are key. Also, the average wireless home security system usually doesn’t have the range of wired security systems. The signal may get weak or intermittent in key areas if you own a larger house. That being said, wireless systems are improving their connectivity more and more every day. Ultimately, different people will find either a wired or wireless home security system to be the best suited for their home security needs.

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