Adding Closed Circuit Television and Video to Your Home Security System

July 14, 2010 in Home Security System,Security improvements

Purchases of closed circuit television components for use with a home security system have been on the rise. What benefit does closed circuit television bring to a home security system? The mere presence of surveillance cameras can be enough to scare off some criminals. Any illegal act that takes place within range of the cameras will be recorded to video, helping to identify the thief in a criminal proceeding. If you want to integrate cameras into your home security system, there are a few things to consider.

First off, closed circuit television cameras are fairly expensive compared to other security system components. Next, closed circuit cameras are not a preventative measure, so be sure your pre-existing home security system has motion detectors, or other real-time alert measures. Perhaps one day in the future, cameras will be smart enough to alert monitoring centers and residents when a break-in is attempted. If you decide that you are willing to pay the cost for closed circuit components for your home security system, the next step is to wisely choose your camera setup. Cameras should ideally be placed in high-traffic areas. They need to be out of reach, so they can’t be disabled by crooks. In order to successfully integrate video cameras into your home security system, you will also need to provide a steady power supply to your video camera. Many newer models use batteries instead of a plug, so you will need to check the batteries routinely. There’s no sense adding cameras to your home security system if you aren’t going to keep the batteries fresh. Also, there’s the question of availability. A much smaller amount of retailers carry closed circuit television components, unlike a great many other home security system components that can be found at most hardware stores.

However, closed circuit cameras can greatly enhance any home security system if used properly. Cameras can be useful for families with latch-key kids, as they can deter any home invaders in addition to helping you keep track of your youngsters’ behavior. Another useful application is for large parties. If you’re worried about any party guests damaging or stealing any of your belongings, a security camera will help catch your bad house guest. There are many unorthodox functions that closed circuit television will provide for a home security system that other security measures cannot. However, the deciding factor is whether or not these additional functions are worth the extra cost and upkeep.

Photo via Jeremy Brooks

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