Remote Controls and Your Home Security System

March 14, 2011 in Installation,Home Security System

Everybody loves convenience, and when it comes to home security systems, product manufacturers are amping up the convenience factor every year. Just think of the smarthome apps that allow you to remotely regulate everything in your home, including the heating, lighting, and home security system, so long as you have access to your phone, laptop, or computer. But even though these apps are rapidly becoming more and more popular, one of the most basic conveniences in home security systems is still the remote control for electric fences or garage doors.

The Risks of Remote Controls

Despite their convenience, remote controls for one or more parts of your home security system do come with some risks, especially when it comes to perimeter security, such as garages and fences. One obvious risk of remote controls is that you can easily lose or misplace them, which can allow them to fall into the wrong hands while you’re dealing with the inconvenience of not being able to get into your yard or garage. Remote controls are also at risk of being stolen by burglars looking to gain easy access to your home without triggering your home security system. Of course, another risk of these types of remote controls is the delay between the garage door or electric fence fully opening and automatically closing again. If you drive off without waiting for the door or fence to close again, an intruder can easily slip onto your property without you noticing. Perhaps the greatest risk is that of criminals recording your remote control’s transmission frequency and playing it back when they want to gain access to your home. This is particularly risky, as you have no way of knowing if somebody’s recorded the frequency nor when they plan on using it.

Minimizing Remote Control Risks

Now you know the risks, it’s time to find out how to minimize them so your home security system isn’t compromised. To avoid misplacing, losing, or having your remote control stolen, hang it on the same keychain as your car keys, so you always keep your eye on it. Always make sure to wait until your garage door or electric fence is completely closed again before driving away or entering your property. This way, if any intruder tries to slip inside, you can call 911 immediately. And in order to be sure that thieves can’t record your remote control’s frequency, make sure the locking system on your garage door or electric fence is equipped with a rolling code. This means that instead of using the same code over and over again, the locking system automatically selects a new code every time you use the remote control.

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