Local Law Goes Far in Home Security

March 6, 2011 in Home Security System,Security improvements

No matter what type of home security system you have, its roles are clear: to deter intruders and to alert you to breaches in your home security, from burglaries to fires. Whether you have a simple, DIY home security system you monitor yourself or a state-of-the art system installed and monitored by a professional security company, it makes you aware of threats and dangers in the now. But even though this offers a certain peace of mind, when it comes to crime, it’s extremely useful to know what types of possible threats you and your loved ones could be dealing with.

Keep Abreast of Local Law Enforcement News

Crime rates vary throughout the United States, with more populated areas obviously experiencing higher crime rates than less populated, rural areas. However, crime trends change within areas, and these trends are worth knowing about. For example, a neighborhood that for years has a relatively high vandalism rate may for any number of reasons suddenly experience a spike in gang-related crimes. Or a suburban neighborhood with little to no crime might unexpectedly be plagued by muggings and break-ins. Whatever the trends in your neighborhood, it’s smart to be aware of what they are and when they change. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping abreast of your local law enforcement news. Most local police departments have websites nowadays, where you can read up on current crime trends and get information on how to be prepared. In addition, many police departments offer special educational courses for citizens who are concerned for their safety.

Tailoring Your Home Security System to Local Crime Trends

Ideally, when you install a home security system, you make sure you have every threat covered, from carbon monoxide and smoke to floods and burglaries. But you can also tailor your home security system to crime trends in your area without sacrificing coverage of other threats. For example, if vandalism is rampant in your neighborhood, installing a number of motion-activated floodlights can be a powerful deterrent. If thieves have been scamming their way into peoples’ homes by coming to the front door pretending to be a salesperson or maintenance man, it’s a good idea to install a high resolution video door phone so you can always see who’s outside. Talk to your local law enforcement officers to find out what types of crime are prevalent in your area, and how you can most effectively protect yourself and your property.

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