Making Your Garage Part of Your Security System

September 6, 2010 in Home Security System,Doors

Many homeowners, whether they’ve installed a home security system or not, don’t think of their garage as the place where they store their most valuable possessions. Just add it up: two cars, a mountain bike, a racing bike, a set of golf clubs and a full set of hand and power tools, these are all items that can be sold for quick cash by a thief. In addition, a garage, which is in nearly all cases unoccupied at night, usually offers easy access to the home. It’s obvious that properly securing your garage is a significant addition to your home security system and will offer you, your family and your possessions better protection.

Like all other entrances to your home, or places that could offer cover to burglars, your garage needs to be well lit. It’s relatively easy to install a flood light with a motion sensor that turns the light on when it registers motion. Light is a proven deterrent to burglars, who hate being exposed at their trade. Make sure that all windows and doors are sturdy. Broken windowpanes or frames, and loose panels on garage doors, make for an easy target for burglars. In addition, equip all doors and windows with proper working locks. Installing sensors on these vulnerable spots, and connecting them to your home security system, will ensure that the alarm will sound in the event of a break-in. If you have pet doors in your garage door, make sure you can lock them at night when your pet stays inside. If you have a garage door opener, you might think your garage is safe, but you could be mistaken. Many homeowners never change the electronic combination on their garage door from the original factory setting, which equals giving a burglar the key to their home. If you haven’t changed the combination on your garage door opener, use the manual to change the setting, or call the manufacturer for correct instructions on how to do this. Remember, the more complicated your combination, the more unlikely a criminal will ever see the inside of your garage.

Even when you’ve made these additions to your home security system, you should still practice common-sense security principles at all times. Be careful of giving away the combination to your garage opener to an outsider, even if it’s a neighbor. Never leave your garage door open at night, or when you’re out, even if it’s just on a short errand.

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