Home Security Systems for Sheds and Outlying Buildings

November 8, 2010 in Home Security System,Doors,Outdoor systems

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Not all of us have a huge estate with stables, gatehouses and hunting lodges. However, they still say a man’s home is his castle, and if that home includes a shed or guesthouse, you probably don’t want it broken into. Outlying buildings, by their very nature of not being attached to the home and therefore frequently not covered by a home security system, can offer cover and oftentimes a cache of tools and equipment that is both valuable and useful to thieves looking to burglarize your property. The best way to secure your shed, guesthouse or other outlying building is to treat it the same way as your home, and employ many of the same common sense principles to make it an unattractive target for burglars. It’s important that you maintain the woodwork, masonry and glasswork on all the exteriors of your outlying buildings. Think of it this way: criminals know that a structure that is sound and well maintained is also likely to be well protected. Sheds with broken windows, rotting wood and crumbling walls are obviously not protected by home security systems, and encourage burglars to enter them and to see if there are materials there that they can use to gain access to your home. Also, make sure to have functioning, approved locks on all doors, and make sure all windows are solid and latch securely. Here’s something not everybody knows: any equipment stolen from a building on your property that is not locked properly, will not be reimbursed by most homeowners’ insurance policies. If you use your shed as a work place, or to store valuable equipment such as bikes, skis and power tools, you might want to consider expanding your home security system to include it. If you have a DIY home security system, it shouldn’t take that much time or investment to add a few sensors, lights and a camera to your existing security system. Homeowners whose home security systems are maintained by a professional security company can simply schedule an appointment to discuss how best to expand their current system. Remember, because sheds are used to store so much recreational and outdoor equipment, they are oftentimes left open and unsupervised. You wouldn’t leave thousands of dollars of valuables just inside your open front door and then walk away, yet every day homeowners become distracted and leave outlying buildings unattended, unlocked and unprotected. Getting in the habit of maintaining, monitoring, and securing your shed goes a long way in making your entire property a more secure place.

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