Security improvements

Adding Closed Circuit Television and Video to Your Home Security System

July 14, 2010

Purchases of closed circuit television components for use with a home security system have been on the rise. What benefit does closed circuit television bring to a home security system? The mere presence of surveillance cameras can be enough to scare off some criminals. Any illegal act that takes place within range of the cameras […]

Turn Your Doorbell into a Guard Dog Burglar Alarm

July 12, 2010

Installing your own security system is not hard; you just need the right equipment.  For around $500 you can build your own surveillance system and protect your home and valuables.  The first step is selecting a DVR camera.  A DVR camera is a Digital Video Recorder which sometimes has more than one channel.  Having more […]

The Benefits of a Digital Video Security System

June 28, 2010

Video security systems are now seen in many homes and businesses due to their lower cost and excellent security capabilities. They offer the potential for real time monitoring at any hour of the day. Having a video security system is a great advantage over many other types of security systems. Digital video security systems, also […]

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