Beware Of Door-To-Door Home Security Scams!

November 17, 2010 in Home Security System

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Most of us are aware of the occasional Internet scam asking you to invest a fortune in an obscure cause. If you’re smart, you send that email right to your spam folder and go about the rest of your day. However, in recent months there’s been a rise in door-to-door home security scams. This is how it works: somebody, dressed in an official-looking uniform, comes to your door and says they work for the company that monitors your home security system. They then tell you that your home security system needs to be significantly upgraded in order to meet their new compatibility requirements. Next, they ask you to sign a form, turn off your home security system and immediately install a new one that’s inferior to the old one. However, the homeowners who have been unfortunate enough to fall for this scam found themselves with two home security systems that don’t work, bills from both companies, and a lot of stress to try to remedy the situation. Others simply make your turn off the system, tell you it doesn’t work anymore, and say they’ll return the next day to install your new system. This leaves you and your home unprotected, and an easy target for them to return later and rob your house. So how can you recognize these scam artists, and what can you do to stop them?

The most noticeable quality about these people is that they’re well-dressed, well-spoken, and extremely eager to help. Most are of college age and appear unassuming. Their sales pitch is fast and high pressure and they’ll do their best to get you to sign the paperwork without revealing the name of their company, which is usually just one or two letters different from your real home security monitoring company. The first thing to do when somebody comes to your door with a similar sales pitch is to ask for an ID and license. If you don’t trust the situation, always call your home security company to find out if a check-up was scheduled for your address. Never sign any forms or contracts under pressure. It’s your right to carefully read anything before signing it, and if you have questions, make sure you get a satisfactory answer. And of course, you should never let anybody in your house or give them access to your home security system unless you are a hundred percent sure it’s safe. It’s essential to remember that if your home security system needs to be upgraded, your home security monitoring company will contact you in writing to notify you and schedule time for the work to be done. If you encounter scam artists like these, notify your home security company, as well as your local police department, immediately.

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