Wind Mitigation Services Make Home Security A Breeze

January 10, 2011 in Home Security System,Outdoor systems

You may have invested in motion detectors, infra-red sensors, high-tech video cameras, and state-of-the-art outdoor lighting, but in the case of dangerously high winds, no home security system can make you feel as safe as a solid roof over your head. Though most homeowners know that their homeowners insurance requires them to have at the very least approved locks on their doors and windows, and for some policies even states that a particular home security system is installed on the property, not many are aware that in certain states, particularly those that suffer from hurricanes, they are legally required to carry additional insurance for wind damages. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in wind mitigation services. These companies offer inspections and consultations for pre-existing as well as new homes, and provide solutions that strengthen constructions and minimize the risk of extensive and expensive wind damages. In addition, many of these services, like Skyetec, also offer moisture and mold prevention programs. From high winds to the smallest airborne mold spore, the air in and around your home has a great deal to do with your quality of life inside. Mitigation companies understand how any natural element can form a threat to your home, your health, and your safety. That’s why they work within your budget and circumstances to implement effective solutions. They look at all aspects of your property of your home that can pose a threat during high winds, especially including a four point inspection that thoroughly inspects and evaluates your roof, plumbing, electrical, and heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This four point inspection is often a requirement of insurance companies when a homeowner renews or applies for a homeowners insurance policy. Likewise, roof conditions evaluations are mandatory for homeowners whose home has a shingle roof that is older than twenty-five years, or whose house was built more than fifty years ago, and who are applying for homeowners insurance. Wind mitigation services investigate and evaluate the condition of your home’s roof. In order to qualify for your coverage, your roof must have a remaining useful life of at least three years. An often-reported, surprising advantage of working with a wind mitigation service is that the results of their work often reduce your homeowners insurance premium dramatically. Another byproduct of working with these companies is that the resulting, more structurally sound building also becomes a much more energy efficient home.

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