Types of Home Security Systems

June 30, 2010 in Home Security System,Outdoor systems

There are numerous types of home security systems that are classed based upon the features and technology of the system. Electromagnetic, acoustic sensor, motion sensor, and infrared sensor systems are just a few of the types of home security systems available. Depending on one’s needs, one or more types of security systems may be required, and it is important to know the basic differences between some of them before shopping for one.

Electromagnetic Security Systems

Electromagnetic security systems are often used in government buildings or apartment complexes. Often times the doors of these systems can withstand much force. These systems work with a magnet in one enclosure and a switch in another enclosure. If the magnetic contact is broken, the alarm for the system sounds. In many cases an attendant is at the site of the security system to allow people to move in and out of the secured door. The attendant pushes a button that opens the door. This type of system is good with an attendant on-site, however, for most home owners it is probably not a good option.

Acoustic Sensor Security Systems

These systems detect any type of sound and are often placed in front of windows. They may also detect particular types of shock noises like the sound of glass breaking. They are typically used in conjunction with other security systems. The more advanced devices can separate the noises of a burglary over the noises of regular life. Some of the more advanced systems may also not need to be placed directly in front of a window to work. Acoustic sensors may also be placed in other parts of a home or building to detect sound where it should not be heard.

Infrared Sensor Security Systems

Infrared security systems work by detecting movement with infrared technology. They work well in poorly lighted areas because they do not require light for detection. Once a burglar enters a home, an infrared sensor will detect the burglar’s movements and sound off an alarm. This type of technology is used in a wide range of systems. The sensors work by detecting body heat or any type of heat. Therefore, it will also detect the heat of an animal, fire, car, or any warm object.  There are no worries of people outdoors setting off the alarm of an indoor alarm, as most indoor alarms do not detect heat through glass.  This type of technology can be used in both indoor and outdoor security systems.

Motion Sensor Security Systems

Motion sensor security systems work by detecting any type of movement.  The systems may work by using radio waves to detect motion or by using infrared technology to detect moving heat. Once a person moves into the range of the alarm and it detects motion, the alarm is sounded. Lasers are also sometimes used to detect motion in these systems. The laser is shot across a room, and if there is an interruption in the stream of light, the alarm will be triggered.

Since each individual’s or organization’s security needs are different, knowing what each system is capable of doing and how it works will help narrow down their choices.

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