Light Up Your Nights

February 26, 2011 in Home Security System

If you think of home security as home safety, then isn’t it nice to know that the one thing that can provide you with safety at home is the nightlight your mother used to plug in when you were afraid of the dark as a child? Most homeowners understand that their home security system doesn’t just serve to guard the perimeters of their home. A good home security system also safeguards the residents of the home from harm at any time of the day or night. It’s clear that households with young children, sick or incapacitated family members, impaired or handicapped individuals, pregnant mothers, or elderly grandparents require better lighting than the average physically sound individual. That’s why it’s important to address the issue of lighting in your home when you’re planning your home security system.

Family members who may become scared or disoriented in the dark, or who simply aren’t mobile enough to get to a light switch quickly, may not want to leave the light on all night. They may find it irritating, and it will clearly drive up your energy bills. However, just like you put a considerable amount of time and planning into where to place your cameras for your home security system, it’s important to find a lighting solution that enhances each family member’s safety without causing aggravation or exorbitant electric bills. That’s where GE LED Motion Sensing Night Lights can be useful. Much like regular motion sensors in home security systems, GE LED Motion Sensing Night Lights turn on when they detect motion, allowing whoever approached to see where they’re going and what they’re doing. And though this may not seem like a huge precaution, for any member of the family who feels insecure about his or her ability to navigate the home in the dark, the knowledge that there is light when needed can be invaluable. A small amount of light can prevent a person from falling, bumping into furniture or fixtures and hurting themselves, or reaching for something that isn’t there. Additionally, even if you’ve got 20/20 vision and your mobility is that of a twenty-year-old, motion activated night lights can offer you peace of mind and visual support when you wake up in the middle of the night. Even with the low amount of light provided by a night light, you will easily see if anything’s amiss in your home. With motion activated night lights, you get light in your home when you need it without ever having to flip a switch!

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