Life Beyond Bars: Ground Floor Urban Home Security

March 28, 2011 in Home Security System

City life has many perks, but living in an area with a high concentration of people, traffic, and businesses also results in more threats to your safety. And if you own a home with living areas on the ground floor, you’re more exposed to danger than homes on the second floor or higher. The risk of vandalism is higher, the chances of burglars looking in through the windows to see what’s worth stealing are greater, and there’s an increased danger of being attacked as you leave your home. So when you’re planning to install a home security system, you’ll need to consider all security weaknesses to your ground floor.

Protecting Your Privacy

Whether your home borders directly on the sidewalk of a busy street, or is set somewhat apart from the road, anybody can see inside your home when your windows are exposed. This results in a lack of privacy, but also a lack of security, as your valuable items are on display for potential thieves. To protect your privacy and keep your possessions from prying eyes, use blinds, or better yet, frosted or one-way glass.

Protecting Your Perimeter

Privacy isn’t the only thing to be concerned with, however. To make sure nobody tries to break a window, it’s a smart idea to mount secure grids or bars in front of all windows. There are many decorative grids available nowadays that you can have installed at a relatively low cost. This way, you don’t feel as if you’re locked behind bars; instead, you’re creating a home life for yourself beyond bars. In addition to securing your windows, make sure to install a sound home security system that includes motion-activated lights to discourage potential criminals from lurking around outside your home. Also install good security cameras, so you can see who’s outside your home at any time. Fortified doors with deadbolt locks are a sound investment when it comes to your home security system. Doors onto a street are weak spots in any home security system, so installing the strongest door with the best lock you can find will definitely reduce the risk of burglars kicking in your door. In addition, make sure you get a lock with a videophone. This way, you can see who’s ringing your doorbell and if the situation seems dangerous, you can call 911 right away.

Announce Your Security Measures

One of the most effective deterrents to burglars is signage. Simply ask your home security company for signs announcing your home is protected by one of their home security systems, or purchase a few home security signs online. Be sure to display them clearly for all to see your home is a protected area.

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