Home Security When You’re On The Road

January 30, 2011 in Home Security System

We usually try to have everything under control in the safety of our own homes. We install home security systems to protect our loved ones, our possessions, and ourselves. We know where all the exits are so we can get out quickly in the event of a fire, and we know whom to turn to in the event of an emergency. But when you’re on the road a lot, as many business people are, you’ll need to take your common-sense safety with you. You’ll also need to construct a sort of portable home security system that protects you and your property in your hotel room. What follows are some great tips for your safety on the road.

  • If you’re unfamiliar with the city you’re traveling to, check online to see if the hotel is located in an area with an acceptable crime rate.
  • Never give out the name of your hotel, nor your room number, to somebody you don’t trust implicitly.
  • Make sure your hotel’s reception is open 24/7. In the event of an emergency, you will need them.
  • Check that the door to your hotel room is equipped with a modern, high-quality lock, a deadbolt, and a peephole. This way, you can always see who’s outside your soundly secured door.
  • As soon as you arrive in your hotel room, check the hotel’s evacuation routes. Most hotels have a map on the inside of the door, as well as in all hallways. Familiarize yourself with the escape routes and make sure you’re aware of the location of the nearest fire escape.
  • If the hotel has a security guard, make sure to introduce yourself. You never know when you might want an extra pair of eyes when you don’t trust the guest in the room across the hall.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended, and keep your most important items either on your person or in the hotel safe. If you don’t trust the hotel safe, you can always invest in a Packable Travel Safe, which is virtually indestructible and can be secured to a piece of furniture so it cannot be removed from the room.

Buy a doorstop alarm. This simple device is really a home security system away from home. All you do is place it by the door, and if it’s moved by an uninvited guest, it sounds an alarm so you can reach for the phone and dial 911, if necessary.

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