FAQ’s about a Home Security System

January 10, 2010 in Installation

No discussion about home security systems is complete without covering some of the FAQ’s that are typically asked when a person is considering the purchase of one. So I’ve taken the liberty to compile the list of the following FAQ’s in order to assist you in the decision-making process.

How much will a home security system cost me? There’s no true average price. You can purchase a fairly inexpensive system and install it for around $100 (maybe less). On the other hand you can spend 3 or 4 times as much on a system that is fully monitored. Be aware that this monitoring service may be included in the price of the system or it could cost you up to $400 or $500.

I already have a home security system in place. Can I pay to have it monitored? In most instances, the answer to this question is “yes”. I remember moving into a prior home that had a system in place and was already operational. I was able to pay for a monitoring service so that I didn’t have to purchase and install a brand new system.

Do I really need to install a home security system? Ultimately the decision is yours, but one statistic that will hit you right between the eyes is that research has revealed that roughly 90% of all the burglars out there would prefer to victimize a home that is not protected by a home security system.

If my electrical power is interrupted, what happens to my home security system? Typically, you should purchase a system that comes with a battery back-up so that your system never becomes non-operational because it can be rendered null and void if there is a power failure.

Additionally, you want to make sure that you keep a close watch on the batteries at all times and have some spares as back-up. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, you should consider purchasing rechargeable batteries as they are much more cost-effective in the long-run and considerably more reliable.

If and when the alarm goes off because of a breach in security, what happens next? If you have a system that is monitored, the home security system will send a signal to the monitoring company. The company will call you to verify that there is an actual emergency that needs to be addressed. If there is, they automatically notify the proper public safety authority.

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